“How Can You Die?”

song “How Can You Die?” from album How Can You Die?
How Can You Die?

How Can You Die?

According to Dr. Schafausen, the album represents a journey through a mental tangle of thoughts and visions, and it is his hope that it will aid in the development of new treatments for mental disorders. With the release of ‘How Can You Die?’, Dr. Schafausen is set to cement his place as one of the most daring and innovative musicians of our time. Fans of metalcore, djent, trapmetal, rapmetal, and alternative metal can look forward to experiencing the emotional intensity of Dr. Schafausen’s new music.
Minotauro Records 2023


song “Anger” from album How Can You Die?


A very intense and powerful song that tries to capture the emotion of anger in an explosive and desperate way. Anger is a very complex feeling and often difficult to manage, and it is dealt with in a very interesting way through this song. The use of shouted and desperate singing is an effective way to express the intensity of anger, and certainly captures the attention of listeners in an incredible way. However, it is important to remember that anger can be a dangerous emotion if not managed properly, and could lead to destructive behaviors. Minotauro Records 2023

“Brain Fog”

song “Brain Fog” from album How Can You Die?

Brain Fog
The lyrics discuss the topic of anxiety and stress and how it can lead to the sensation of losing control over one’s life and mind. The protagonist in the song is struggling with a constant influx of confusing thoughts and unending imagery and is fearful of losing their sanity. Furthermore, the song explores the concept of the illusions created by those around us, highlighting how often we fail to truly know others, and they fail to truly know us. Despite these challenges, the protagonist endeavors to remain calm and find the inner strength to overcome the obstacles of life, even when it seems like an insurmountable task. ignjatovic and

April 2023

“My Beautiful Girl”

“My Beautiful Girl” from album Waiting From Tomorrow

“My BeMy beautiful Girlautiful Girl”
My beautiful girlfriend was suffering from a heavy depression back in the eighties and took her own life in 89 at the age of just 24.
directed by Yannick Louet and Hiroki Abe
main role: Sofie Busk
girlfriend: Ryl McCalister
location: Tokyo – Japan

december 2020

“Waiting For Tomorrow”

song “Waiting From Tomorrow” from album Waiting From Tomorrow

Waiting For Tomorrow
It’s hard to talk about waiting because based on what you expect, it can be positive or negative.
directed by Yannick Louet and Hiroki Abe
actress: keravixx410
location: Tokyo – Japan

october 2020