How Can You Die?

Renowned musician Sergio Pagnacco, also known as Dr. Schafausen, has recently signed a contract with Minotauro Records for the release of his second solo album, titled ‘How Can You Die?’. The album will be available to the public soon and promises to be a unique and innovative masterpiece in the music industry.

The album’s central theme focuses on mental disorders, a complex set of pathologies that influence thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Through his music, Dr. Schafausen aims to promote understanding and acceptance of individuals who live with these conditions, encouraging them to seek help without fear of judgment or discrimination.

The album features an impressive line-up, including Slava Antonenko on vocals, Michael Pahalen and Gabriel Borza on guitars, Anatole Lyssenko on drums, and Dr. Schafausen on bass, keyboards, and vocals. The artwork for the album was created by Paolo Massagli.

According to Dr. Schafausen, the album represents a journey through a mental tangle of thoughts and visions, and it is his hope that it will aid in the development of new treatments for mental disorders. With the release of ‘How Can You Die?’, Dr. Schafausen is set to cement his place as one of the most daring and innovative musicians of our time.

Fans of metalcore, djent, trap-metal, rap-metal, and alternative metal can look forward to experiencing the emotional intensity of Dr. Schafausen’s new music.

1) How Can You Die?
2) Anger (Gabriel Borza on Guitar)
3) Brain Fog
4) Gaming Disorder
5) Daydreaming
6) 21st-Century Skizoid Man
7) Comet
8) We Are Digital
9) Hikikomori