Schafausen’s Dilemma

The world has changed many times, and it’s changing again. The mood I’ve been in has sparked strong feelings such as fear, anger, and depression. Fear comes up when thinking about the future and when we sense a threat, anger is brought by an inner nervousness, and depression is stoked by having a pessimist vision on the emergency outcomes. These feelings threw me in a dystopian frame of mind, something anguishing and confusing just as our future will likely be. Our undesired society is dystopia to the point of being terrifying. The spreading of the virus has increased the agony caused by the inevitable and traumatizing socio-politic changes.

This state of mind implies the growing of our alienation due to something implacable conditioning our freedom. I tried to replicate these feelings with hallucination-like sounds, which could represent our dystopian society. Our mind, when pierced as such, projects our innermost repressed thoughts, a forced selection of contradictory hallucinations. This domesticated delirium is at the base of our personality: chaos is just a result of the selection we impose to our hallucinations. The effort of getting from chaos to reason involves psychic energy expense, a frail outcome, and a state of alert. These atmospheres are aimed at nullifying these efforts, negating “know yourself” originary precept. Our splittable identity, articulated in multiple components, is reinvigorated by this atmosphere which manages to unify all the alternating personalities, encoding the mind in favour of the mind and its spiritual element.

It only remains for me to wish you a pleasant journey.

Dr. Schafausen