Come and get me now.
And take me away with you.
Every mistake I’ve made.
I have been all over the whole world.
But I have never tried
To be myself.

Friend of a lifetime.
Get the dirt off me
Make me clean.
You are the pride of the whole universe.

The friend of death.
You know everything about my fate.
You are a tear in the sky.

And when you arrive you’ll want to understand.
Because I need a light.

Speaking of a failure
You haven’t lived it
Not even for a moment.
You have no idea what I mean.
You are higher
In my feeling.

Heaven tells everyone,
Why run away
In the middle of the night?
Without saying goodbye.

You can’t escape
And dissapear
to seek in vain
A better me.

And when you arrive you’ll want to understand
Because I need a light.

And when you get there you’ll want to fall
In my arms and die.