Can hardly keep in check the anguish that’s about to break free,
My hands still shake at the thought of inflicting harm on you
I can’t control myself,
But I will try to see it through

There’s this hunger I can’t satiate
Endless thirst for violence grows within me

Anger, still inside, entangling me
Frothing at the mouth, can’t even see
You feel it too, and I can’t help but keep lashing at you

Can barely keep it under control
Break down under pressure

How will words heal?
They can merely contain the decadance
Pill after pill
Going down my throat
And now I know, I’ll be myself and won’t explode
And hopefully one day my anger issues will be healed
There’re so many other emotions that I’d rather feel

Stare into my eyes,
You know me well
I wish I could live without, but sorrow’s mine to bear

I’ll take what is mine, damn the passage of time
Sever the ties with my past
Future shines brighter with every morning I see

A threatening fusion is not a delusion
Genetic pollution requires execution
Open your eyes to see,
Truth’s in front of thee
Pay attention to be able hear

This defective trait of ours
It can’t exist
It just can’t last

I’ll get what is mine,
It doesn’t matter how much time it’ll take
I will withstand even the battle that takes place within me