The first album "Waiting For Tomorrow"
Paolo Massagli
is Cartoonist and author of comics bordering on the underground.
He publishes "Le Minifiabe" and "Alice in the land of horrors" and "OZ" an erotic horror version of The Wizard of OZ.
He collaborates as a draftsman for the anthology "Schegge" and "Zombie Paradise", and also designs the graphic novel "Neromantic".
He has published for the international magazine U.D.W.F.G. published by the Hollow Press, the story "Hell" and the monographic "Toxic Psycho Killer", "Four" and "Chain".
For the editions, Inkiostro has conceived and designed the special "The Cannibalism Family" entitled "Il Cacciatore".
In 2018 "Come un Insetto" was released for the Hollow Press publisher and in 2020 he collaborated with Gryyym.