Dr. Sergio Pagnacco alias Dr. Schafausen is an Italian bassist, a composer best known for being one of the founding members of the seminal metal band Vanexa. In 2009 he joined the prog-metal band Labyrinth (ex) playing all over the world sharing stages with Motorhead, Saxon, Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and many more. His doctorate in audiology sciences and his profession as a university lecturer in subjects such as cochlear implants and pediatric deafness also engages him in various seminars dedicated to hearing protection for musicians. His talent as a pediatric hearing care professional often occupies him in a mission in Southeast Asia where he helps children with hearing impairments. His new project can be defined as innovative, a dystopian and essential metal, sometimes chaotic and frenetic to better identify the current society. Fear, anxiety, and a negative future are well represented by this work, the first to identify with the term dystopian metal.

Waiting For Tomorrow CD

Sliptrick Records
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Dystopic themes in Metal (and even Rock) music are not new. Its darker tones and edges lends itself easily to dark imagery, be it the occult or this kind of totalitarian, chaotic future that steers to close to current times on DR. SCHAFAUSEN’s debut record, "Waiting For Tomorrow". DR. SCHAFAUSEN is at its core a Metalcore solo project from bassist Sergio Pagnacco. A trio of talented session musicians complete the line-up. The band does not limit themselves to straightforward Metalcore, though, incorporating elements of Alternative Rock, Pop-Punk, Death Metal and even Trap and R&B on their sound.
"Waiting For Tomorrow" is a vital debut record for DR. SCHAFAUSEN, setting a high bar for the band to follow. They seem to have the chops to do it, as the songwriting is strong and memorable, and the musicianship is not only skillful but also truly creative. Production-wise there is little room for improvement, aside from giving a little more breathing room on the softer sections and maybe clearing up the bass end of things, that gets a little muddy at times. But that is just me nitpicking. A contender for album of the year for me. Keep an eye on this project!

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