I’ve built this golden cage, it’s holding me (that is my choice)
All that I’ve seen of that outside world,
I’d rather never be found

Leave me alone in this solitude
Despite what you describe, unhealthy attitude

The world outside is what’s been haunting me
With all its fake love and ingenuity
I’ve been burned and hurt
And I felt so weak
My skin is think
But my mind is sick (sick)

And I just can’t find direction
To move forward and let go
To move forward and let go of this life

So much we say is just empty words being thrown around (thrown around)
Things we don’t mean, emotions not felt
Leaving the scars unbound
The wounds will not heal
These wounds will not heal

Keep your suffering and let me be
I’ve not asked to be born in this land of cruelty
Keep your suffering

Minute after minute, clock is spinning, hypnotized
Walls are closing in every second, yet I feel so safe inside
I’ve no need of people and their lies

Take a step away from me (move it back, move it back)
Look at how much misery you make
Watch reflection in the glass
Now you know who’s fake at last

Everybody step aside and let go of me
Buried fingers in my flesh don’t do any good
If you only knew that it’s killing me
What’s in front of me
Ain’t so riveting
I’m the king, in my castle thing
Silence is my friend,
So don’t pretend that you know me
I’m about to see what’s beyond the veil unseen
Wearing mask of you face is a fiend
Tryin’ to lure me
To the place outside where undoubtedly
I’ll have to pay

Burn and wither like a candle on a window sill

We’re so hollow and thin
Our souls rot of sin
Why experience life if it’s so full of vice?
Why spend your years in vain if death comes anyway?

What do you live for?
Since death comes anyway